Bracelet This Too Shall Pass for Him / Sophie Simone Designs Jewelry / 22K Gold Plated or Silver .925

Bracelet This Too Shall Pass for Him


Bracelet handmade in Bronze 22K Gold Plated or Silver .925. 

 This concise unisex collection, includes our THIS TOO SHALL PASS bracelets. Four words that have been imprinted like an echo into my soul, whispered into my ear by my grandma Aurora, whenever the world seemed to crumble around me. "This too shall pass", she said softly, as I curled up into her arms, unconsolable, drowning in my own tears. And yes, it did. The imprint of her wise words often resonate in my unconscious, during ecstatic moments of bliss and also during seemingly earth shattering events in my life. As I navigate life’s ever changing ocean, surfing the unpredictable ups and downs, I always remind myself, this too shall pass. And thus, the present moment, as good or as bad as it may seem, becomes more bearable. CARPE DIEM.

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