Necklace Amaré Half / Sophie Simone Designs Jewelry / 22K Gold Plared or Silver .925

Necklace Amaré Half


Necklace handmade in Bronze 22K Gold Plated or Silver .925. 

Size: 3x3cm

Weight: 13g

HARAMARA means “The sacred Ocean” in Huichol. This collection is inspired in the mysteries and beauty of our oceans.

To create this collection, we combined different elements and textures such as the coral, the sea urchin and the beautiful symbol created in the sand by a very special fish. We call it the `Love Mandala´.

HARAMARA is a reflection of the ocean looking back at us, telling us to pay attention to her, to respect and love her. 

We invite you to wear it proudly! As all of our collections, it is made with love and in peace.

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