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Sophie Simone Designs Stories / The Ajolotario of Xochimilco February 15, 2021 18:38

Visiting Jonhatan Miranda
Today we are learning about the amazing Axolotl, an endangered species. We are partening with Jonhatan in an effort to create more awareness and help him protect this fascinating creature. 
5% of all sales of our Axolotl Collection will go directly to him. Thank you for your suppport! 
If you wish to make a direct donation to his project you may do so here: 


Our Story February 2, 2021 18:22


Sophie's curious eye is always finding inspiration in Nature wherever she goes. Using the lost wax technique, which is an ancient craft that takes time and precision, she gives life to her ideas by molding each design in wax. Our amazing team of crafstmen all work together to create the final designs, which are made by hand from beginning to end. We work our pieces in 22K Gold Plated, Silver .925 or 14K Gold.