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VANESSA LODIGIANI – Sophie Simone Designs





Mexican Visual artist

In my work as an artist I use symbols as means to weave together characters and stories. In this project I did the same. The black stained fingers representing my own work with ink on paper, the long shirt dress bought in Marrakesh, a perfect cross between the masculine and the feminine that Frida very much embodied and that also defines my own style. The layering of the jewelry contrasting with the austerity of the dress.

The most symbolic element was the gun, a silver engraved 32 mm with mother of pearl handle that belonged to my great grandmother. An amazing independent woman who carried that gun in a girdle under her skirt when she rode horses at her ranches in Chihuahua. Frida was a revolutionary, in the freedom with which she expressed emotions so openly and raw in her work. That is her true gift to painting, her brutal honesty as a woman. I found that this particular gun was a perfect picture of Frida: a jewel, both delicate and feminine, small and highly ornamented, but at the same time powerful and dangerous.

Like Andre Breton once said, “Frida is a bomb wrapped with a ribbon”.

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