Cuff Cactus with Enamel -CACTUS COLLECTION – Sophie Simone Designs

Cuff Cactus with Enamel -CACTUS COLLECTION


This piece is inspired by my beloved Mexico. I've always had a fascination for cactus. I used to gaze at them during long cross country road trips, mesmerized by their curious shapes and sizes.They seemed magical and mysterious, growing stoically in the middle of vast deserts. I wondered how those colorful,delicate, flowers could bloom under such harsh conditions. They made me smile and remind me that no matter how desolate things may seem, a flower can always bloom. This line, Fleur de Cactus, honors this magnificent plant.

Today, no matter what life throws at me, or how tough things may seem, I always remember the flowers in the desert and smile.

Gold Dipped and red Enamel flower motifs.

Measures 15 cm long and 6 cm wide and weights 57 grams

Made with love and in Peace in Mexico