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33 years old 


 I came to Mexico for 1 year and ended up staying 6 incredible years in Mexico City.

Very committed to protecting the environment, I dedicate myself todeveloping engineering projects in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

 Frida Kahlo was an extremely independant and freedom-loving artist, who disrupted??the  social decorum and the "machismo". Working in a scientific field which is dominated by male engineers, I have always, just as Frida did, strived forgender equality and fought for professional women's recognition.

 Frida was also a loving and passionated woman, very feminine, who fearlessly defended Mexican people, tradition and art. Since arrivingin Mexico I wasfascinated by the richness of the country's history and by it’sdiversecultures, but more specifically by the attachment of the people to their traditions.

 To express Frida Khalo's legacy, I decided to wear the traditional mariachi suit with a feminine touch. I wanted to portray two traits that I share with Frida: The certitude that we must face gender strereotypes and the limits imposed by our society, as well asher love of art and Mexican traditions. 


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