ACAPULCO COLLECTION – Sophie Simone Designs


Introducing Acapulco Collection.
The Acapulco Chair is a design icon, celebrated for its simplicity and timeless design, which you can now find all over the world. For me, it represents a time when the jet-setters would holiday in Acapulco. From the 1950s and 60s the city’s look and feel became the backdrop for beach-chic and that glamour is what I wanted to capture with this collection.
Originally I thought about working with the PVC cord, typically used to make Acapulco Chairs but in terms of sustainability it didn’t feel right to use plastic. The decision to use an alternative material lead to a fascinating collaboration with Ninot Olvera who produces naturally dyed silks and cottons. The hues produced with the natural dyes give the designs effortless elegance and authenticity.
Once we had the prototypes designed we began to produce the collection with Misión Planeta, which, among other socially engaged activities, provides work to recently rehabilitated women in Mexico City. 
The most enjoyable thing about creating this collection was that through intuitive decisions the final designs are quite different from what I first imagined. While the earrings are literally mini Acapulco Chairs the bracelet and choker are my own original designs. They follow the aesthetics of the chairs but they have their own unique character.
Made with love and in peace.