Ring Cactus with Stone / Sophie Simone Designs Jewelry / 22K Gold Plated or Silver .925

Ring Cactus with Stone


Ring handmade in Bronze 22K Gold Plated or Silver .925 with a Precious Stone. Adjustable. 
Size: 3x1.5cm
Choose your stone !
- Ruby
- Sapphire
- Esmerald
- Swarovski
The Fleur de Cactus line is inspired by the desert and its mysteries. I vividly remember traveling through the vast deserts of my adored Mexico, gazing through rhe window at the incredible variety of cactus that somehow grow and flourish in such arid lands... The flowers that bloom from these resiliant plants always amazed me. At times, when my heart was aching, I found shelter and hope in them. If these beautiful flowers can bloom in such barren environments, my heart would certainly bloom and dance again.

Made with love and in peace

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